Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friendship of L.O.V.E

True love is falling in love with your best friend, and only then, will you find the meaning of happiness.

Girlfriends come and go, but friends are forever.

Forget who hurt you yesterday, But don't forget who loves you tenderly today.

A boy love this girl
but the girl didn't mind.
One day the boy got sick
and was about to die.
Then the girl asked,
"Why are you leaving me?"
then the boy answered,
"so I can be your angel
and love you forever."

A guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point or another one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe ...forever.

How Can You Be Friends
With Someone If Everytime
You Look At Them It Makes
You Want Them Even More?

Should I Smile Because You're My Friend Or Cry Because Thats All We'll Ever Be?

Forget The Times You Walked By,
Forget The Times You've Made Me Cry,
Forget The Time You Held My Hand,
Forget The Sweet Things If I Can,
I Can No Longer Pretend,
I Have To Remember Now
That You're Just A Friend.

True love is when you have to watch a friend leave, with the knowledge that you might never see him again. But you know he'll be in your mind and heart forever...

As I sat here I was trying to think of all the times
you hurt me and made me cry. . .
Hoping and wishing
it would make me like you less.
But it didn't. Because all the times
I could remember were the ones
when you showed me that you cared. . .
I didn't want to believe that
you ever did You walk by me everyday and say hello.
Everyday you take time out to listen to me.
You talk to me, smile at me, laugh with me,
and have fun with me.
Well, I talk, smile and laugh too,
but inside I'm hurting.
Deep down it hurts to be with you
because I love you and you are only a friend.

How can you be friends with someone when everytime you see them you want them even more?!

There are no such things as strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can by trying to get other people interested in you.

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship, never.

However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.

Between men and women there is no friendship possible.
There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.

Love demands infinitely less than friendship.

Friendship is the perfection of love, and superior to love; it is love ...

Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes.

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.

A friend loves at all times.

Friendship is Love without his wings!

Friends show their love in times of trouble...

Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.

A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.

There may be somebody who is thinking about you RIGHT NOW and wishing that you were around. That's the wonderful thing about friendship -you always feel loved and cared about.

The love of my life is the love between friends.

No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.

Material things can't make the soul whole. The only the love, trust, and loyalty of friends can do that.


QasEh jaNa said...


trsentuh bet0l ati aku bila bace bab2 love& frenship neh =)

arnamee said...

salam hafiz.

alolo. sweet jerk.
best nyer jika pandai berbahasa inggeris.

hargailah bakat yg ada.


insan yg hina.:)

Hafiz_orange87 said...

hehe, maceh ema ^^

Hafiz_orange87 said...

To anem, bakat yg ada usah disembunyikan ^^

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