Monday, February 22, 2010

Sepanjang Bulan Disember 2009

1Disember 20o9

Hari ini sy mula melaporkan diri untuk bertugas/berpraktikal di KLIA Consultancy Services (KLIASC) di Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. Actually, this company were offered by uncle who work there.

First day melangkah masuk ke opis tu, saya meluru ke receptionist dan mengatakan yang saya ingin berjumpa Miss Hafiza, the Human Resources officer. i came early about 8am. Walaweh!, terlalu awal rupenye bcoz waktu check in opis paling lewat pkul 9, so ikut suke aty la nak datang pkul berapa,huhu. Sempat lagi menonton cerita cartoOn spongebob kat TV9 kat waiting room. Dalam pkul 9.15am, br lah muncul watak Miss Hafiza tu. Then she bought me to Miss Sharmene, leader of Finance Department. Talkative person, caring and always smile, 24H ;). Miss Sharmene introduce me to all staff in Finance Department. Easy to remember their name like En Amir, Abg Ali, Abg Man, Kak Linda, Aini, Amm, azwa. Others cannot remember, huhu

So, Miss Sharmene passed me to En Fauzi (Gee). He as my supervisor. Aged 46 and Not married yet,hehe, have lot of money,hehe (",). Just a simple task i have been given, like photocopying, record manual cheque, make payment voucher, update filling, update weekly bond and unit trust and so on. Happy ending with hose guys. go lunch together, spend free time with laugh and joke (sometimes bad and 18sx joke,hehe).

Date 20 December, my brother, Amin married with Sakinah. i feel happy for them, hope they get child as soon as possible ,hehe. Congratulation Angah, be a good Husband. The boring and presure time is meeting and have to submit weekly report. So ruing my life lor. HAve to work on report, taking picture and submit it to Human Resources Department, Kak Fiza.

Before end of December 2009, Puan Zutina, member of HR Department, called me to go at her room. Then she offer me to go to LCCT Project at Sepang. She asked me to help at Finance Department. Erk, what should i do??!! Suddenly offered for a job? Simple answer from my mouth, " OK kak, no problem"said me.

Semasa majlis Wedding Angah

Incoming Cheese Cake, num nyum

In meeting room

My desk,huhu

KLIA Office At Bandar Baru Bangi

So, starting on January 2010, i currently worked at LCCT Project at Sepang.

Thats all for month December to be reviewed.. Sweet memories (",)


Hafiz Ajmain


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