Friday, October 28, 2011

Friends Are 4-Ever


· don’t be afraid to give your honest opinion when it is asked for. Doesn’t waste time trying to be nice about something that u don't believe to be true. Sooner / later, your friend will know if u has deceived him. But remember not to be too critical. u should be honest but never mean / unkind.

· don’t insist that your opinion is the correct one. Nobody likes someone who is pushy. U should let your friend know where u stands on an issue and then leave it at that. Don’t force your opinion on others. However, u need not give to any pressure to conform if u doesn’t agree to them.

· help out when your friend needs your help. Don’t help only when it is convenient to u. sometimes, u has to go that extra mile to let your friend know that u care.

· be understanding. Never laugh at the troubles your friend may be having and don't get impatient with your friend. a person who is going through a tough time needs your sympathy, not your judgment.

· be considerate. Never make fun of a friend whose religious or cultural beliefs differ from your own, however strange that they may seem to u.

· When u and your friend cannot see eye to eye about something, talk it out. Make sure both parties get a chance to be heard. Listen and understand what your friend says. No matter how tempted u are to interrupt your friend, hear him out.

· stick to these rules in your relationship and your friend will stick with u.

Words escape me at this moment
that seems like the end yet it is only the beginning
when friendships are close and dreams are far
you were there for me.

Tears fill me with memories of both good and bad
some nearly forgotten yet all dear to the heart
you were there for me.

In times of trouble and in times of thanks
you stood by my side and held me up.

Through your ever-patient ears to your comforting hugs
you were there for me.

From that first day when I saw you and knew
that you would love me for who I was
you were there for me.

And until the day when we are old and gray
I will always know that
you are there for me.

*Nota Kaki : ukhuwafillah abadan abada :)


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