Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tragedy On...Wedding Day.. (21 May 2010)

Yesterday I got the news that one of my cousin, have just lost his lower lips (they couldn't find it), and his mandible (lower jaw) crushed (as what I've been told). He was riding his motorcycle, and was hit by a car. Not sure of the details yet though. He suppose attending Syahril (my cousin) weeding.
Losing things is sad. But man, this is not just some things. This is something very precious. I'm saying this because I see people (me not excluded) weeping and crying over losing stuff. And it's not even the lower lips, or any maxillofacial or mandible. People in Gaza often lose their foot, legs, and even members of their family. And they continue with their lives. Strong-heartedly.

It's normal to be sad when you lose stuff you know. It's our fitrah. Even Prophet Rasulullah SAW cried when one of his son died. But life must go on.

So when you thought you've lose the biggest thing in the world, just think again. There are people losing bigger stuff in this world. And they are still strong, fighting for the Greatest cause

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Akan sentiasa akan ada sekelompok dari umatku yang sentiasa berjuang bersama-sama kebenaran, mencabar dan menentang musuh-musuh mereka. Musuh-musuh mereka tidak dapat memberi mudarat kepada mereka sehingga Allah mendatangkan keputusannya. Mereka tetap dalam keadaan demikian.” Maka para sahabat bertanya, ”Dimanakah mereka ya Rasulullah?” Jawab Rasulullah “Di Baitul Maqdis dan sekitarnya.” (Riwayat Bukhari)

So cheer up dude. Get on with your life and try to reach your highest potential (cos you haven't reach em yet of course).

Do not become a nobody. Be a somebody.

Hope u will be fine dude. This evening i will go visit you (Hospital Klang).


Yatre Hayati said...

salam takziah buat your cousin..

Jijahh @ f.k said...

Moga dia cepat sembuh .... amin ..

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